M12 HI-FI Bluetooth Vacuum Tube Stereo Amplifier support USB audio power amplifier BASS hifi output

M12 HI-FI Bluetooth Vacuum Tube Stereo Amplifier support USB audio power amplifier BASS hifi output

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M12 HI-FI Bluetooth Vacuum Tube Stereo Amplifier support USB audio power amplifier BASS hifi output


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Nobsound BT-M12 6J8P tube amplifiers with Bluetooth SD USB  FLAC lossless music player HIFI Stereo AMP audio speaker amplifier 

BT-M12 6J8P Sound performance tube amplifier delicate dense, vibrant colors and with a touch of extravagance, sound purity and transparency, give a pleasing texture IF high density solid pan at the Church rich sound off , wide sound field with a variety of audio-visual production of a strong sense of body, voice and melodic sound gives a sense of elegance and full sound sense of hearing, lay smooth stretch, strength, speed and very low frequency elastic feel good about .
       BT-M12 6J8P tube amplifier Using a large dynamic voltage preamp gall bladder, large current low resistance transistor power amplifier combination to ensure that the circuit has enough dynamic, bandwidth, low distortion.
        Whether you are listening to music or home furnishings are a good choice. It has a thick black rose as gentle, sweet and touching charm, particularly suited to play idyllic ease elegant classical music.


New upgrade version: front signal amplification  2 only 6J8P & 6K3P tube, rear Toshiba A1941+C5198  transistor power amplifier. 160 w peak power with USB SD interface and  wireless bluetooth Supports lossless music format. USB support MP3 WMA WAV AMR FLAC APE music playing. Using bluetooth, bluetooth version 4.0, better sound quality more stable transmission speed. Used its timbre round 6J8P tube made of sound, voice, music taste sweet thick, believe the music enthusiasts know. Nobsound BT-M12 tube amplifier with Bluetooth USB SD FLAC  lossless music player HIFI Stereo AMP audio amplifier 

Shenzhen remain immortal E-Commerce trading Co., Ltd.  Our company is the only authorized after Nobsound network sales of the product, we have a formal authorization certificate, the products we sell are all enjoy our Nobsound after-sales service and technical support.

Products are all qualified, QS quality certification CCC


upgraded version BT-M12 Bluetooth tube amplifier top

selling tube amplifier, Support USB music, excellent sound experience


Item specifics:  
Product Name:  Nobsound 6j8p tube amplifier
Brand: Nobsound 
Model:  BT-M12
Color Classification: Golden
Power Supply: /230V /60Hz , Provide 110V version
Power: 80W + 80W
Peak Amplifier: 160w
Input impedance: 47K ohm
Input Sensitivity: 400mv
High Bass: ± 10DB
Letter dry ratio: ≥99DB
Total harmonic distortion: ≤0.5%
Frequency response: 20HZ --- 20KHZ
The local Bluetooth device name is: VW RADIO
Output impedance:4~8ohm
Tube:6J8P & 6K3P tube 
Support bluetooth play music
SD Usb support music formats: WMA/WMV/MP3 / APE/FLAC
 USB MP3 music player Support bluetooth play music
SD USB MP3 Music Player: Support music format WMA / WMV / MP3 / APE / FLAC other formats of music
Special features: usb support high quality music formats play,  bluetooth 4.0 audio receiver, support computer phone music play , furthest support 5-15 meters.


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