ALINCO DM-30-G strømforsyning 25 Amp. ANDERSON POL

ALINCO DM-30-G strømforsyning 25 Amp. ANDERSON POL

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ALINCO DM-30-G strømforsyning 25 Amp. ANDERSON POL              


Mere info:

Compared to the similar DM-30-E model, this version has Anderson pole connections

(Switching mode) with 4 DC outputs • RF fixed • Short-circuit-proof • Clear digital display for volt and amps • With programmable voltage preselection unintentional voltage changes are made impossible • 2 terminals for small user (max 5A) • Main connection terminals at the rear (max 30A)

Technical specifications:

Operating voltage
230VAC / 50Hz
Continuous load
25 Amps
Peak load
30 amperes
Output voltage
9-15V DC infinitely adjustable / 13.8V DC fixed
Ripple & Noise / Ripple & Noise
Less than 80mV at rated load
Temperature controlled fan
Lighted digital indicator for Volt / Amp
Fixed voltage switch 13.8VDC
Control for controlling disturbances of the clock circuit
Dimensions WxHxD in mm
155 x 75 x 205 mm

Weight: 1.5 kg

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