K-PO / Maas SPS 9620 120 AMPERE

K-PO / Maas SPS 9620 120 AMPERE

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K-PO / Maas SPS 9620 120 AMPERE


Mere info:

The SPS-9620 DC power supply has been designed for professional applications which require quality high current for equipments such as super power car audio that are normally operated from twelve volt batteries. The output is current limited at just over 120A and this current output can be supplied continuously. The output voltage has Over Voltage Protection at about 17V to ensure very high protection against power supply failure, thus offering full protection to the powered equipment. The excellent load regulation is further enhanced with remote sensing terminals to give precise voltage at the point of application for long connecting leads. The output voltage range can be easily fine tuned between 12.6V to 14.3V via a concealed trimmer. This covers most 12V battery sources such as six lead–acid cells (13.8V) or ten nickel-cadmium cells (12.6V) and etc. The excellent Dynamic Power Factor Correction (>0.9) reduces unnecessary power loss (cuts electricity cost in some countries) and cuts the noise and EMI to your power mains.

  • Output Over Voltage Protection at 16.5V Trimmer fine
  • Tune output voltage 12.6 to 14.3 V for 13.8 nominal.
  • Constant Current Limiting Over Load Protection Short circuit and Over temperature Protection.
  • Green LED for power on/off indication
  • Red LED for overload / short circuit protection
  • Excellent line and load regulation.
  • Remote sensing terminal for precise voltage load with long leads.
  • Low ripple and noise
  • Cooling fan is on all the time, speed of fan increase with temperature of unit.
  • High efficiency 85%
  • CE Approval EN55022
  • IEC 60950, EN 60950
  • Light weight and Compact: 11Kg., 23Wx22Hx34D cm
  • High RFI Stability
  • Floating Ground


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