MANSON SPA-8330  33 Ampere

MANSON SPA-8330 33 Ampere

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MANSON SPA-8330  33 Ampere


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An advanced new circuit design makes this power supply with higher efficiency, regulated output and specifically suitable for use with radio equipment.

The power supply provides a stable, clean and RFI filtered suppressed and filtered DC source.
The smart fan speed control program will adapt the just the right speed (0-100%) to ensure a quiet and safe operation at various ambient temperature and power output.
The isolated ground design allow parallel and series connection of power supplies.
The constant current limiting, over temperature, over voltage protections offer reliability and protection to the power supplies and the load.

High RFI immunity
Wide Range AC input voltage
Quiet cooling fan variable speed operation
Over load, Short circuit, Over temperature protection by constant current
Power Factor Control
Isolated Ground
User adjustable fine tune setting (10 – 15V)
Binding post and cigar socket DC output

Type Switching Mode
Input Voltage 110 - 240VAC 50/60Hz~
Rated output power 497W
Number of output 1
Output Voltage range Fixed 13.8VDC
Output Current range 36A max.
Voltage load regulation =50mV
Voltage line regulation =20mV
Output ripple and noise =5mVrms
Cooling Method Fan Cool (0 to full speed)
Protections Overload, Over Temperature, Short Circuit Protection by Constant Current Circuitry and Output Over Voltage Protection
Floating ground Yes
Dimensions (WxHxD) 200x80x213mm
Weight 2.6kg
Gewicht: 2.66 kg

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