Sirio New Delta kraftig 27-95 karosseriantenne

Sirio New Delta kraftig 27-95 karosseriantenne

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Sirio New Delta 27-95 kraftig karosseriantenne. Med 4m antenne kabel og plugger.


Mere info:

Sirio quality CB Antenna with a variable angle body mount and shock spring.Features:

  • CB Mobile Antenna
  • Factory tuned at mid-band
  • DELTA 27 M-95Supplied with a strong stainless steel spring
  • Helical winding fiberglass whip
  • 180° inclination and adjustable whip, detachable for car-wash
  • Wide range of optional mounting bases available
  • Suitable for magnetic mount
Type Helical loaded
Frequency range @ SWR ≤ 2 DELTA 27-95/ M-95: 26.5-27.5 MHz (90 channel)
Impedance 50Ω unbalanced
Radiation (H-plane) 360° omnidirectional
Polarization vertical
SWR @ res. frequency ≤ 1.4
Max Power 30 Watts (CW) continuous
100 Watts (CW) short time
Standard mount "N"
Cable Length 4m
Cable Type RG 58

Mechanical Data:

Materials Brass, Copper, Fiberglass
Height (approx.) DELTA 27-95/ M-95 : 950 mm
Weight (approx.) DELTA 27-95/ -120 : 390 gr
Mounting hole ∅ 12.5 mm

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