Trådløse mikrofoner dual pack

Trådløse mikrofoner dual pack

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Trådløse mikrofoner dual pack             


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A dual channel VHF Wireless Microphone System with two handheld microphones.
Both transmitters work on different frequencies.
Good sound quality and reliable due to the VHF technique.
Ideal for on stage, vocalists, presentations etc.
VHF Dual-channel system.
Hi S/N ratio and low T.H.D.
Front mounted antennas.
RF/AF indicators.
2 Handheld mics.XLR / Aux (6.35mm) output sockets.

Operating data:
Operating frequency: 200.175MHz / 201.400MHz
Output: 30 mWRF
Dynamic range: >100 dB
Frequency response: 40 Hz - 20 kHz
Frequency stability: <0.005%
Sensitivity: 60 dB 12 dBU
THD: <0.5%
Signal to noise ratio: >100 dB
Deviation: 15 kHz
Spurious Emission: >45 dB
Battery: 4x AA (2x AA each Microphone)
Receiver dimensions: 126 x 180 x 42 mm
Microphone dimensions: O51 x 248 mm
Weight: 0,9 kg

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