Yaesu SCU-17 USB Interface Unit

Yaesu SCU-17 USB Interface Unit

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USB Interface Unit for radio and PC


Mere infos:

The SCU-17 interface unit may be used for CAT control of the transceiver with a computer via a USB connection; and for communications using SSTV, RTTY and PSK digital modes.

The SCU-17 provides CAT communication through the USB terminal when a PC does not have an RS-232C connection.

The SCU-17 is equipped with a USB audio system device, so the TX and RX audio system signals are accessible to the SCU-17 through the USB cable. Therefore, the supplied USB cable is the only connection needed between the SCU-17 and PC.

The SCU-17 is equipped with a two-channel USB serial device and enables the various transmission modes and the CAT communication simultaneously.

The SCU-17 operates from the USB bus power; you do not need to prepare an external power supply.

For RF isolation, the SCU-17 is designed with photo relays for the PTT/FSK terminals. AF transformers are used in the AUDIO IN/OUT lines to provide excellent ground isolation.

The SCU-17 is equipped with the TX and RX audio controls on the front panel, for convenient level adjustment.

LED indicators on the SCU-17 front panel monitor the PTT and FSK control. The operating conditions may be quickly confirmed.

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