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Polmar Navy maritim VHF

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Polmar Navy portabel maritim VHF.


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Portabel maritim VHF POLMAR NAVY - 08

Kjempekampanje i Norge, kjøp båtradio nå når prisene er lave.

Også ypperlig som nummer 2 radio i båten for bruk fra båt til land også. Ha kontakt med med familien fra båt til land eller som hovedradio i mindre båt.


POLMAR NAVY-08 PORTABLE VHF MARINE TRANSCEIVER Designed to be a reliable VHF transceiver, NAVY-08 offers high performances, the built-in microprocessor provides tuning controls in VHF marine bands as well as dual-watch functions and memory channels.

Channel 16 Switch Provides quick access to channel 16, the universal marine frequently used channel.

PLL (Phase Lock Loop) Controlled Circuitry Provides accurate and stable channel selection.

Squelch Adjustment Help eliminate noise between transmissions.

Key Lock Lets you lock the keypad in order to prevent the controls from accidental pressing.

High/Low Power Selection Lets you save power by selecting a suitable transmitting power for long or short distances.

Battery Level Indicator Shows the battery condition.

Backlit LCD Display Allows you to operate the transceiver in dark environment.

Memory Channels Lets you store channels as memory channels.

Dual/Tri-Watch Lets you to select DW/normal mode or TRI/normal mode.

Suppied with: handstrip • belt clip • user manual.


Frequency range: 156.025 -157.425 MHz - RX 156.300-162.000 MHz

RF Power: 0.8 or 5W (selectable)

Audio distortion: 5%

Antenna Impedence: 50 Ohm

Sensivity at 12dB SINAD:0.25μV

S/N Ratio (20dB): 0.8μV

Squelch sensivity: Treshold: -8dBμV (EMF)

Audio output power 200mW con 10% THD

Power supply: “AA” 4 x batteries

Operating temperature: -15°C to +55°C

Dimension (H x L x D): 123 mm x 60 mm x 37 mm

Weight: 190g (without batteries)


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