Inrico TM-8

Inrico TM-8

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Inrico TM-8 nettverksradio med også wifi.


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Inrico TM-8

The Inrico TM-8 is the evolution of the TM-7, with a very high-end professional hand microphone, enhanced speaker and great looks. The Inrico TM-8 is the ultimate mobile network radio.


Relying on the GSM signal, our radios will be able to talk to each other without any range restriction. Each radio works with a SIM card (not included) and uses GSM/3G/4G and some models even work with WiFi signal. This means you don’t need to spend a fortune on expensive radio infra-structures, repeaters, antennas or leasing sites. All the network infra-structure is provided by the GSM carrier.

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