Yaesu SM-5000 Station Monitor

Yaesu SM-5000 Station Monitor

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Yaesu SM-5000 Station Monitor.


More info:

The Yaesu SM-5000 provides a visual display of the VFO-A band spectrum. Both strong and weak signals are clearly depicted. The integrated stereo speakers provide comfortable receiver audio. This unit is designed to be used in conjunction with the FT-DX5000 Premium Transceiv

  • Dual 65 x 25mm oval speakers direct the sound toward the front.
  • The received audio can be controlled with four additional choices via the SP-5000's Audio Setting Menu: Clear; Mild; Soft; and Loudness
  • The SM-5000 Spectrum Scope provides a visual display of an amateur band segment tuned by the VFO-A receiver
  • The default bandwidth allows you to see both strong and weak signals clearly depicted on the monitor screen
  • The LBWS (Limited Band Width Sweep) function provides very high-speed signal detection over a limited segment of the currently displayed spectrum
  • The CTR (Centre) display mode will let you monitor signals close to your current frequency (located at the centre of the screen)
  • The FIX mode will have the left band edge frequency fixed, and your operating frequency may be indicated within the displayed bandwidth
  • Display Contrast can easily be adjusted; its illumination level will mirror the FTDX-5000 illumination level.

Note: the Vertical Axis of the Spectrum Scope display is approximately 10dB per division.


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