AOR AR-DV1 Digital Voice Receiver

AOR AR-DV1 Digital Voice Receiver

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AOR AR-DV1 Digital Voice Receiver


Mere info:


Next generation multi digital mode demodulation receiver, the AOR AR-DV1!

This incredible digital voice receiver features wide-band reception (100kHz - 1300MHz), multi-mode digital demodulation, memory scan, all mode analogue reception and much more!

 The rear panel features a single BNC antenna jack, speaker jack, aux jack and 12 VDC input jack.

Not only does the AR-DV1 provide you with all these incredible features, but it is also compact and lightweight.

Just click on our downloads tab for product information PDF.

 Main features:

  • 100kHz - 1300MHz wide band reception.
  • Multi-mode digital demodulation.
  • All mode analogue reception.
  • Memory Scan.
  • NR, notch, digi-data display.
  • Built in SD card reader (audio recording, timer recording, CSV memory data upload/download, firmware updates) + 4gb SD card included
  • Clock, calendar (sleep timer, alarm, timer recording, reception logging on SD)
  • Compact in size and lightweight - 178W x 50H x 215D mm
  • Power supply included
  • Latest Firmware installed on this new batch
Receives these Digital Modes :-
  • DMR
  • dPMRTM
  • APCO P25
  • Icom D-StarTM
  • Digital CR
  • Yaesu
  • Kenwood®
  • Alinco EJ-47U
PLUS conventional analogue signals including: AM, wide and narrow FM, upper and lower
sideband and CW modes


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