Telescope LEVENHUK LabZZ T3

Telescope LEVENHUK LabZZ T3

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Telescope LEVENHUK LabZZ T3


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The telescope Levenhuk LabZZ T3 is an advanced model of a series of astronomical telescopes for children Levenhuk LabZZ. This model has the most powerful magnification (175x), and is supplied including a large number of optical accessories. Easy-to-use telescope child quickly brings the exciting world of scientific discoveries. Immediately after unpacking are available wonderful miracles: the planets of the solar system, the bright constellations, nebulae and distant galaxies. After installing diagonal mirrors or erect eyepiece (both included) can also be performed ground-based observations, because the final image is inverted. The telescope comes with a powerful 5x optical viewfinder. Easy to operate azimuthal mount allows seamless shooting telescope at any object. Sturdy aluminum mounting securely holds the optical tube and during the observation does not create unnecessary vibration. The tripod is equipped with a practical drawer, where you can leave all the necessary accessories. The set also includes a 3x Barlow lens which triples the performance of your telescope.


- Powerful Telescope Children
- A rich set of accessories
- Zoom up to 175x with standard accessories
- Ease of use and low weight
- Ability to observe terrestrial objects
- Optical design: Refractor
- The diameter of the lens (aperture): 60 mm
- Focal length: 700 mm
- Zoom: 56-175x
- Aperture: F11 / 7
- Glasses: 4 mm (175х) to 12.5 mm (56х); righting eyepiece 1.5x
- Inner diameter eyepieces: 0.96
- Barlow lens 3x
- Viewfinder: 5х
- Tripod: Aluminum
- Height tripod (adjustable): 75-120 mm
- Installation: AZ

Package contents:

- Telescope
- 4 mm eyepiece
- 12.5 mm eyepiece
- The stand-up eyepiece 1.5x
- 3x Barlow lens
- 5x Optical Viewfinder
- Diagonal mirror
- The aluminum tripod and accessory tray

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Parameters and specifications


175 x

Lens diameter:

60 mm


3,028 kg

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